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Don’t take our word for it—hear what other happy Music Together families have to say about Miss Kathy and music classes for kids!

“We have been part of the music together family since my first son turned 6 months old (he is now 6).  I have taken all three of my boys starting at 6 months and it has truly been such a blessing to have that special time together with each of them, the other families and Miss Kathy.  To this day my oldest still remembers many of the songs his brothers sing from music.  Miss Kathy has made this program what it is.  She loves the children and she loves spreading her love of music with the children and families.  Her enthusiasm, love and kindness is infectious and we will treasure the many classes and time we have spent with her and together with our kids.  Don’t hesitate to sign up, you will not regret it!”

A happy music together mommy of 3 :)   Ali


Both of my kids went through the Music Together program with Miss Kathy. It was money well spent on an amazing experience - not only did my kids learn some great songs that we still sing but I got to meet other parents and share in some wonderful memories with my own children.

Thanks so much!


Emily has memorized many of the things we do in class such as the 'ba dum' pickup where instruments are put away. She does this at home, and she does the trot songs at home with her doll on her lap. We LOVE Music Together. The music is wonderful. My husband and I enjoy listening to it and even have our favorites. Music Together has been a great experience for us as a family and Miss Kathy is fantastic!                     a Music Mom 


My daughter Grace and I are enjoying our first Music Together class. She is only 6 months old and so I was not sure if it was the right activity for her. I am so glad that we enrolled!  I wanted to tell you that she just loves it! I get so much enjoyment out of watching her 'interacting' with the other kids. We're listening to the music at home during our playtime. Grace's face lights up when she hears her favorite songs.                                                             A happy music 'mommy'


Since we have started coming to class, my son gets out his guitar at home and sings the 'Hello' song to his stuffed animals. The class has been a great experience for him."                                                                                                                                                                                                 Music Together Mom


A ukulele recommended for ages 2-5 

Baritone Ukulele

From your recommendation, we gave this to Liam for his second birthday and he absolutely loves it. Rarely a day goes by without him listening to his Music Together CD while playing "hello body" on his guitar.                                                                                                                   Betsy, a music mom